DIY Floral Centerpiece

AED 350.00


Flowers convey a variety of messages. From bringing a pop of colour into your interior spaces to simply showing your guests how creative and imaginative you can be- learning to make your own floral centerpiece will bring out your imaginative and creative side while bringing a burst of beauty and fragrances to your home!

Join this DIY Floral Centerpiece class and learn the art of floral design! In this 1.5 hrs workshop, students who are interested in floral design and want to try working with flowers will learn how to make their own centerpieces with a variety of flowers. This studio class provides the opportunity to create a beautiful seasonal arrangement while learning tips and tricks of design.


Terms and conditions:

One participate can be accommodated in our premises. For more than one participant, the workshop will be held at the participants’ premises with additional fees depending on their location.


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